What awaits beyond the bridge

Half hidden in milky fog?

Flickering lights tease

Inquiring eyes.

I'll take one for myself and

I'll take another for my friend,

The last one though, I'll leave right there

To keep the sun company.

A meadow of happiness

Defended in my mind.

Grapes are beginning to ripen

On a little trellis outside the station

As a south-bound train hums past,

Throbbing in the syncopated rhythms of jazz,

As if to shake off the melancholy 

Of a departing summer.

As the sky begins to brighten

Around the edges,

Something like hope emerges

From the shadows

Strewn among the folds of a snow drift,

Held fast the heart's yearning for spring.

The hues of summer,

The chirping of excited crickets,

And the coolness of dewy grass under foot

Attend me

As I hurry toward

The top of a hill

Overlooking a cluster of

Sleepy cottages.

Some cards, such as this one, are offered in English-only versions.

While lights wink on

One by one in

Fast descending dusk,

A restless mind turns wistful

And the mood matures

Into an earnest longing.

Venice sighed softly.

Wind, carry me away;

I have no luggage.