A forest, as right as rain,

Breathing timelessly as

Seasons change,

Rejoices in a soaring birdsong,

Clear as a bell.

Meet Itsuko Yamada

Itsuko is a poet/artist living in Japan. She works primarily in water-colours, often combining her words and images. Her pieces are available in various forms; as cards with envelopes, perfect for all occasions, as larger-format prints, perfect for framing and display, or as original water-colour artworks on museum-quality paper, also suitable for framing (photoXformations is happy to be your framer).

    Itsuko's work has been shown in galleries  in Japan and Europe and her poetry has been published in the original Japanese and in translation in English.


Cards: From her original paintings, Itsuko has produced cards unlike anything you will find elsewhere. Her beautiful, atmospheric water-colours are paired with original poems - in Japanese on the front, with English translations on the back or the opening page. Each card comes with a coloured envelope. A minimum order of five cards is required.

Framed Prints: Again, paired with original poems (translated), Itsuko's art is presented framed and ready to hang. Known for its buoyancy and etherial light, a print by Itsuko on your wall will brighten your room, lighten your mood and raise your spirits.

    In addition, Itsuko accepts commissions via this site for her original water-colours.

A promise to myself
Is fulfilled at last,
As the first day of
Spring begins.